World leaders in corporate and personal online reputation repair, reputation defense, and reputation management


Reputation Repair

Reputation Repair is the process of suppressing negative content off the top pages of search engine results and replacing it with only honest and positive content.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the practice of managing your reputation every day with up to the minute reports on your name or your companies brand.  Capturing the threat before it causes problems.

Reputation Building

Reputation building is the process of creating sites that are strong and valuable. Optimizing those sites so any potential future threat is mitigated.

Online Reputation Repair

World leaders in corporate and personal online reputation repair, reputation defense, and reputation management

Repair Bad Reputation is a private Online reputation repair, reputation management, and reputation defense firm based in Beverly Hills, California. Repair Bad Reputation specializes in improving the online and offline reputation of businesses and individuals. Founded in 2007, Repair Bad Reputation was a pioneer in the reputation management sector.  Before the term online Online reputation repair existed, Repair Bad Reputation was an expert in the industry.  Do you want to know how to repair a bad reputation? Do you want to understand how to defend your image or brand? Our senior team of online reputation repair specialists do a full evaluation for each client using the most up-to-date online reputation repair strategies. Our approach is unique in that we create customized plans crafted to a customer's individual requirements. Based upon these findings, we use current online reputation repair strategies that are designed to introduce updated content across all media.  Our job is take control of the first two pages of any internet search regarding you or your company.

Ensuring individuals and businesses have the right to control how they look online.

One of the first companies in this market we leverage our experience to suppress negative information and build positive news.  To accomplish our goal of protecting your online reputation or brand, we work closely with each client to develop a strategy that will rapidly address existing issues and/or develop a proactive solution to prevent future problems from occurring. Creating a dynamic image / brand that will dominate the first several pages of search results determines the success of an online reputation repair campaign.

How does the public understand your personal or corporate brand?  Often times what is real about a person or a brand is misrepresented online.  Repair Bad Reputation executes a multi layered reputation defense campaign creating positive assets designed to control your message, providing the foundation to educate the public on your positive attributes.

Online Reputation Repair, Reputation Defense, and Reputation Management

In addition, our reputation management blog is cutting edge and offers companies and individuals the tools for online reputation repair, reputation defense and reputation management. Learn how to repair your reputation, learn how to defend your image, and learn how to manage the conversation. Be proactive in your approach in building out your reputation and keep informed on the newest online reputation repair strategies.


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