Personal and corporate reputation management services.  Where your reputation is our reputation.


Content Termination

Content Termination is the business of fixing your image or products brand by terminating negative content off the top pages of search engine results. Our patented proprietary technology, 'The Terminator', is designed to conceal negative information off the top pages of  search,engine results.

Content monitoring

Content monitoring is the practice of managing your reputation every day with up to the minute reports on your name or your companies brand.  This fosters long term success and serves to build a positive unified image across all media networks.

Content replacement

Content replacement is the business of fixing your image or products brand by building positive content.  Replacing negative information on social media platforms, traditional news outlets, online blogs, and other press related industries with conclusive and positive information.

Reputation Repair

Repair Bad Reputation ( is a private reputation management firm based in Beverly Hills that specializes in improving the online and offline reputation of businesses and individuals. Our process is comprehensive in that we complete a thorough analysis of our client’s current reputation using the most up-to-date methodologies. Based upon these findings, we use current reputation management strategies that are designed to introduce updated content across all media. We leverage our experience, suppressing negative information and building positive news. To accomplish our goal of protecting your online and offline reputation, we work closely with each client to develop a strategy that will rapidly address existing issues and/or develop a proactive solution to prevent future problems from occurring. Reputation management is the key to successful public relations and corporate communications. As reputation management consultants, our mission is to repair, defend, and protect all aspects of your online reputation.

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