World leaders in corporate and personal reputation repair, reputation management, and reputation building.


Reputation Repair

Reputation Repair is the process of suppressing negative content off the top pages of search engine results and replacing it with only honest and positive content.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management focuses on ensuring that the positive image on the internet of an individual or corporation is in line with the predetermined goals of the campaign.

Reputation Building

Online reputation building does not just suppress negative information, but focuses on building the long term value in a positive reputation.

Reputation Repair

World leaders in corporate and personal online reputation repair, reputation management, and reputation building.

Repair Bad Reputation is a private reputation repair, reputation management and reputation building firm based in Beverly Hills, California. Repair Bad Reputation specializes in improving the online and offline reputations of businesses and individuals. Founded in 2007, Our team of reputation management consultants helped conceptualize the idea of reputation repair, before the term even existed.

When you look your company or yourself up online how do you feel? Often times what is real about a person or a brand is misrepresented and distorted online.  History shows us that often times, corporations and individuals who are unwilling to change, are afraid of new strategies, or hesitate adapting to new technologies fail. Online reputation management represents renewal and change. Become a thought leader by taking control of your online reputation: you can either decide to be proactive in controlling it, or allow it to do the same.

Repair Bad Reputation believes that individuals and businesses have the right to control how they look online.

Our approach is unique in that we create customized plans crafted to a clients needs as oppose to cookie cutter plans designed to finish as many campaigns as possible in order to maximize return. We have no board of directors, all of our employees are stake holders, and we take pride in executing exciting and bold campaigns. Before determining if our clients are a good fit our reputation management consultants conduct a full evaluation of each potential client. Based upon these findings, we use up-to-date online reputation repair strategies that are bold and exciting. By working closely trying to understand the needs of each client our campaigns are custom made and ensuring that the positive image on the internet is in line with the predetermined goals of the campaign. Our reputation management consultants develop a strategy that will rapidly address existing issues,  and/or develop a proactive solution to prevent future problems from occurring. What makes a successful reputation repair campaign? Our online reputation management consultants then maintain the content to ensure positive oscillation. while also making sure that additional information is in line with the campaign's goals.

"Take control and improve your image."

Furthermore, our reputation management consultants can also help by proactively building a dynamic new image / brand that is both honest and positive that will dominate the first several pages of search results.  When needed we execute a multi layered reputation building campaign that focuses on creating and building your personal image or corporate brand.  This work can provide the foundation of your image or your companies brand and can help control the impact of a crisis before it happens.

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Reputation Repair, Reputation Defense, and Reputation Management reputation repair Reputation Repair, Reputation Management, and Reputation Building frontst

Reputation Repair, Reputation Defense, and Reputation Management

In addition, our reputation repair blog offers companies and individuals reputation repair news and the tools to learn about online reputation repair, reputation defense and reputation management. Learn how to repair your own reputation, learn how to manage the conversation, and learn how to establish the best reputation. Be proactive in your approach in building out your reputation and keep informed on the newest online reputation repair strategies.