Your reputation is vitally important to you or your company, and you should be taking an active role in the way that people view you and your company. However, the vast majority of people rarely bother to do anything here are some FREE SEO TRICKS FOR REPUTATION MANAGEMENT – because they believe that reputation management is so difficult, so complicated, and so time consuming that they simply do not have the time and energy to do it. Of course, professional reputation management consultancy does require a huge amount of time and skill, but it is possible for absolutely anyone to do the very basics. That is why we have created this short guide to give you some free steps to your reputation management:  If you have experience with web design and SEO services there are a few tricks you can take.

Do some search engine hunting of your own.


Take an afternoon, and put your name and company name into three or four search engines (bing, yahoo, and google) and see what comes up. You are seeing exactly what your current customers, your potential customers, and your rival companies are seeing. Do you like what you see? If you don’t, then make a list of the sorts of things that you do not want to be seeing.  Look at different key words – words like scam or ripoff – see if you or your brand are associated with any of these negative keywords.  From this you can get a much better understand of what the public thinks about you.

Set up your own website.

If your company doesn’t have a website, then you need to change that right now. That is exactly where people will go to find out information about you, and if you aren’t giving them the right information, then they will obviously go elsewhere.  It will also show up on top of google search engines.

Think Social Media

If you can look at some social media sites that rank high: Linkedin being the top. Then Wikipedia, if you can get a follower to submit a Wikipedia article, nothing gets more attention that a good Wikipedia article. This is where all of the gossip is, and if you want to be the center of the action, then you need to be a part of it. Social media accounts are not difficult to work with, and even better, they are completely free!

Go to the source and ask them to remove the negative information

It can’t hurt. Be polite and just ask for the content to be removed. The site is not required to remove the content, but you never know what a little love can do.

Destroy negative press through link building

Any positive campaign to push down negatives sometimes requires some information about SERP’s process of link building. If you want to push the positive information up, link back and forth to all your content. Build links to optimize brand.

Think outside your corporate domain sites: sub-domains, news sites, corporate and personal blogs can be an important component to building a successful  reputation management campaign. Optimize these through a do-follow campaign that can help build your brand and push people towards your positive content.

Hersh Davis – Nitzberg specializes in: Reputation Management, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist, Brand Positioning, Digital Brand, Integrated Marketing, Personal Branding, Public Speaking. He started one of the top reputation management firms in 2007, Repair Bad Reputation.

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