Reputation Building

A positive reputation speeds growth and protects against crisis situations. By analyzing your competition and creating an effective reputation building strategy the effects of negative press or publicity can be mitigated.

A proactive approach to reputation building creates a compelling narrative of how the public will perceive you or your company thus protect yourself from future crisis management situations.
Reputation Building at Repair Bad Reputation
Reputation Building at Repair Bad Reputation

In the aftermath of a scandal, reputation building is an effective strategy that keeps negative information off the first two pages of search results and helps build a positive and lasting brand.  Having a credible image of an individual or corporation is key to the lasting effects of a reputation repair campaign and also mitigates the effects of a crisis situation. Brands aren’t built overnight. 

What is the purpose of reputation buildingThe process of changing the public’s perception of a reputation from negative or neutral to positive involves building new and positive content that supports your corporate or personal identity.  Reputation building does not just suppress negative information, but focuses on the long term development of a positive reputation influencing the public’s perception of a company or individual. Our system focuses on understanding your image or brand, being authoritative, consistent, truthful, and relentless.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” (Warren Buffet)

What is reputation building and what purpose does it serve?

It’s important to have a clearly defined strategy for reaching your audience and to create a comprehensive campaign that fortifies the first two pages of search engine results with positive content.

Reputation building is the act of constructing strong, accurate, and positive information and optimizing that content to prevent future negative attacks from potentially being successful and mitigating the effects of a crisis management situation.  It matters because the foundation of long term success depends on creating a brand or image that is compelling and honest. It serves to create a line of defense protecting you or your business from future reputation repair issues and it helps define the way you image or brand will be understood. Our team of consultants generates well written and accurate information that will move to the top of search engine results.

What is a quality campaign and how do we successfully execute one?Reputation Building

Positive content and brand is dependent upon the quality of the information that is written and the strategy implemented to reach your audience .  It may seem obvious but it is not always the case with reputation building campaigns.  Quality writing and brand recognition is understandable, it is focused on authentic and truthful information, it is compelling, it can anticipate a readers questions, and knows the audience it is trying to reach.  Do your research, many companies outsource work to countries where English is not the first language or employ other strategies designed to trick search engines into believing the content is new, when it is in fact ‘spun’ to look new. Repair Bad Reputation knows that well constructed content is the main ingredient in creating a great reputation building campaign and all of our work is MADE IN AMERICA.

How can Repair Bad Reputation help in building a positive reputation?

Now that we have built this fresh new content where are some places that we can share this content?  These various mediums include:

  • Micro / personal websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Traditional news outlets
  • Online blogs and citizen journalists
  • Press releases
  • Directory listings

Reputation building is the glue to ensure the success of an online reputation repair campaign can be lasting.  It is also a place where individuals or corporations with brand or image can build identity.  With our reputation building strategies we solidify your reputation repair campaign with strong assets that create lasting image for you or your

Reputation Building at Repair Bad Reputation
Reputation Building


Reputation Building at Repair Bad Reputation
Reputation Building at Repair Bad Reputation

Reputation building: Take back your name.

For more useful tips on the types of content that can be replaced please look at our section on online reputation repair.