Reputation Repair 


Reputation repair, or often refereed to as online reputation repair, is the act of suppressing negative content off the first two pages of search engine results. The goal is to push down negative information on search engines.  When bad news surfaces, what can you do to mitigate the crisis?

The primary purpose of reputation repair is to create enough oscillation (movement) on the first two pages of search engine standings so that any negative content will be suppressed past page two. At Repair Bad Reputation we make long term realistic goals that we execute with our clients.  Yes, it is extremely important to react quickly to a crisis situation, but having a well thought out long term reputation repair strategy is the only way to keep the negative information off the internet for good.  It is very easy to create assets that will push down some negative information, however it is extremely difficult to push it down and make it stay down.  The primary purpose of reputation repair is the suppression of negative assets that will stay off the first two pages for years to come. Repair Bad Reputation believes a positive reputation leads to a better outcome because it gives value, it inspires others to do better, and it leads to success.

Online Reputation Repair at Repair Bad Reputation
Online Reputation Repair

Why is reputation repair important?

If you are looking at this page one could assume you may already have  some answers, but in the age of the internet our private lives have now become public. As reputation used to apply to a small number of people in a community, reputation has reached across a wide range of individuals.  Given the value community places on reputation, although based upon perception, it has become important to create online reputation repair systems designed to safeguard against exploitation and innuendo.  Based upon these needs Repair Bad Reputation built a reputation repair strategy designed for online reputation management.

Repair Bad Reputation, has been at the forefront of understanding what a negative reputation can mean to individuals or corporations, and has fought to give them a chance to defend the negative stories that can destroy names, destroy families, ruin careers, and rob people of dignity and respect. Online reputation repair levels the playing field by allowing an individual or a company the right to be heard.  Regain your name.

In the West, it is impossible to get away from the barrage of constant information disseminated through videos, photos, and spoken word posted as events happen.  What role does this coverage play in changing perception in a community where trust of an individual or a company has such value?

So ask yourself, when doing an Internet search do you see information that you are not pleased with?  What you see about you or your company can be a small portion of the story, as an online reputation repair consultant we educate the public shaping a positive and honest image of who you or your company is.   Are there damaging statements that are false and misleading? Are you misunderstood in the public’s eye? Outdated pictures and comments, angry ex employees set on revenge, reviews that are not consistent with how you do business?  There can be so many reasons for needing online reputation repair. The main thing is Repair Bad Reputation ensures that our services seamlessly integrate and unify around a client’s brand in all press releases, social media networks, advertising, websites, micro-sites and other media outlets.

Whether your brand is a product, a service, or a personality, our reputation repair consultants truly listen to our clients, absorbing details that best present our clients in a positive fashion. Understanding the clients core goals and building a system to optimize new publicity avenues that mesh with their core business and/or personal objectives. In other words, our team of reputation repair experts understand how you want the world to see you online and we work with you to create that image.

Why does reputation repair focus on the first two pages of search engine results?

According to the most recent report in 2014 by Caphyon the CTR (Click through rate) of search engine results show that 67.6% of search engine results do not go past #5 while another 3.73% between #5 – #10 resulting in 71.33% of CTR not going past the first page (top 10 results).  The total amount between #11 – #20 is 27%.  The first two pages online represent 98.33% of all searches.  When searching online only 1.66% of people go past page two!

Some reputation Management statistics if you are not convinced