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Online Reputation Management (ORM) focuses on ensuring that the positive image of an individual or corporation is in line with the predetermined goals of their campaign. Suppressing negative information isn’t the only factor in building a positive online presence. Brand consistency, content creation, and community engagement are all essential components of a healthy online reputation.

At Repair Bad Reputation, our consultants approach each company or individual’s reputation management strategy based on their unique needs. After evaluating a client’s current online presence, a reputation consultant uses the results to create a customized management plan. The goal of online reputation management is to maintain a client’s positive image across all media networks.

So what exactly is online reputation management? Why is it important? Why do huge companies, celebrities, business professionals and big online personalities care about it?

And what is it about online reputation management that causes people to invest thousands of dollars in it?

The answer is simple; your reputation means everything.

Without a sterling reputation, companies may be viewed as incompetent and untrustworthy. If you’re familiar with several celebrities whose reputations have tarnished online, you know the difficult time they’ve had trying to regain their good reputation.

This is why companies and individuals are so willing to invest in tools and strategies that can protect their brand or reputation. It simply makes sense.

Negative Press is Everywhere

In a world where online reputation is everything, major celebrities and companies have no choice but to safeguard their reputations, both online and offline.

Inevitably, negative online reviews and harmful press releases happen, especially to public companies and personalities. More often than not, they come from competitors seeking to ruin their reputations. It doesn’t matter if the content is true or false, the person or companies attacked need to combat the negative press.

This is the main focus of every good online reputation management strategy.

Everyone is Going Online Now

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ignoring negative online stories or publications concerning you or your company.

The search engines, of course, don’t consider whether that content is true or false. The more people click on it, the higher in the search rankings it goes and the broader the damage spreads.

That’s why it is never a good idea to be complacent about negative publicity or stories that show up in the search rankings. Someone or some organization wants to bring you down or damage your reputation, and you need to know how to strike back.

Any time you are the victim of online slander or other negative publicity, you need to know how to protect your reputation and manage the crisis quickly and effectively.

Building your Online Reputation Management Strategy

Key to protecting your online reputation is the development of a solid, well-conceived online reputation management strategy.

You first step is to evaluate your online image or reputation. What attacks are out there, who is making them, and how can you combat them?

To begin, do a few basic online searches. Use keywords related to your brand or business and see what the search results look like. Once done, ask yourself:

  • Do you see negative reviews or publicity about your business or image?
  • How extensive is the damage? How does it change your search engine rankings?
  • Do the negative links show up in the top page two or page three results?
  • Is the content accurate? Can the claims be refuted?
  • Is there any positive content or feedback in the results as well?
  • Which social media platforms are the comments or articles coming from? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram?
  • What kind of social media presence do you (or the company) have?

By asking these specific follow-up questions, we can start building an appropriate online reputation management strategy.

Crisis Management – Taking Control

If you find yourself attacked by false and negative publicity, keep track of which social media platforms are the noisiest. Once identified, the battle plan of online reputation management strategy is to eliminate or neutralize negative content with positive content.

Proactively begin to publish positive articles that showcase positive points about you or your business. The more good and positive content you push out to those noisy social media platforms, the more attention your content will gain over and above the negative content.

Another strategy is to refute any false claims or publicity. By monitoring social media, you can identify and eventually control what people are saying about you or your business. You can immediately respond in a forceful manner, mount your case and defend your reputation as necessary.

Monitoring social media also helps in shutting down trolls. While the basic rule is to ignore Internet trolls, getting rid of them is an important step in crisis management. That’s because many of these trolls are individuals paid to spread lies and misinformation. Who hired these people? Think about who stands to gain by damaging you. (Competitors? Disgruntled employees?)

It’s time to wake up to reality. Take control of your online reputation and protect it at all costs.If your reputation means anything and everything to you, and we are sure it does, then you should also be prepared to do anything and everything to protect yourself. For more information on defending or repairing your online reputation, call for a free, no obligations consultation at 888-805-4121.

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