When to Seek Help with Reputation Repair

When to Seek Help with Reputation Repair

When to seek help with reputation repair


I think we’d all agree that reputation is everything in business (reputation repair does not relate to business only).

It’s our very foundation from which we build. Without a solid reputation, our business will surely suffer. And with a bad reputation, we can almost kiss our business goodbye.

But I’m always stunned by how many companies and brands refuse to invest in repairing their reputation.

Maybe you’ve been there yourself. You pick up your phone and do a quick search for “best pizza in Pittsburgh” only to find your business — your baby! — doesn’t even make the list, and all because of a couple bad reviews that were written over a year ago. Ouch!

What’s worse is that many business owners do nothing to fix it — they simply batten the hatches and try to weather the storm.

When to Seek Help with Reputation Repair
When to Seek Help with Reputation Repair

Bad idea. Here’s why. . .

To stay competitive in today’s market, you have to invest in your business where it matters. And your reputation. . . it matters!

Interact Marketing  shares the following five reasons you need a reputation management strategy:

  • To increase sales
  • To build trust and credibility
  • To show your best side
  • To gain online insights
  • To recruit better employees

Okay, it’s one thing to know how reputation management can help your business. But what if your reputation is already tarnished? How do you really know when it’s time to reach for that helping hand?


It’s simple! Just ask yourself honestly if you’re suffering in any of those areas listed above. But to really break it down, let’s go through them one-by-one.


Here’s how to really know it’s time


#1 → This one’s obvious. It’s bad, and you know it’s bad. Your business is dying and you need to stop the bleeding. Reach out today because it might not be too late.


#2 → Your sales have slowed considerably. You hop online and find your business is being blasted for “poor this” or “poor that.” And no matter what you do, the social media critics drown out your voice. (Pro tip: Step up your social media game. Most people use social media to decide what to buy. Four out of five people have received advice via social media regarding what product or service to purchase. infographicjournal.com


#3 → Your prospects don’t trust you. Or worse, your own customers are losing confidence in you or your offer. Often these trust issues go unstated, so how would you even know? (Pro tip: Trust is HUGE. 84% of marketers believe that building trust will be the primary focus for marketing efforts in the future.)


#4 → You’re having a hard time recruiting quality employees. If you can’t even pay people to work for you, how can you expect your customers to pay you for anything? It’s time to reach out for reputation management help.


#5 → Your online reviews are anything less than stellar. There’s always room for improvement. A reputation manager can help you come up with a solid plan on how to score more of those coveted 5-star reviews, and how to manage reviews into the future. (Pro tip: Reviews are more important than you think. Customers spend 31% more money with businesses that have “excellent” reviews. Invespcro.com


When to Seek Help with Reputation Repair
When to Seek Help with Reputation Repair

#6 → You just feel like something is “off.” Just like in life, when you feel like something is “off,” but you can’t quite put your finger on it, you should probably see your doctor to rule out anything major. Same goes for business. A reputation manager can help to diagnose the problem before it’s too late.


All right, if you can identify with any of the above, it’s definitely time to repair your reputation. In many cases, businesses experience a positive turnaround in everything from increased sales to gained trust, all because they decided to seek help with their reputation. Whatever you do, ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

If you want to learn more about reputation repair contact our support staff for more information.

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