Hotel Reputation Management

Hotel Reputation Management

Hotel Reputation Management

When people travel, there are hundreds, if not thousands of hotels that they can choose from to spend their time visiting. In order to choose the right one, it is common for travelers to read reviews of the hotels that they are most interested to help them select the one that they are most attracted to and is the best fit for their needs.  For any good hotel having a hotel reputation management is critical for the long term success of their business.

Unfortunately, for every good review that a hotel has, it also has bad ones to go with it. These bad reviews can make the difference between a traveler choosing your hotel and choosing to stay somewhere else instead. Learning how why your reputation matters and how to monitor your reviews is a top priority for hotels, and it is important that you stay on top of the reviews that are out there. Hotel Reputation management starts with monitoring review sites such as tripadvisor, oyster, trivago, and many others riddle the internet with thousands of reviews.  Make sure as a hotel you have a strong hotel reputation management strategy in place.

Travelers are constantly posting information regarding their stays at hotels on their social media sites and other review sites, and this makes it paramount for hotels to maintain certain levels of service while their guests are present.

Hotel Reputation Management

One thing that a reputation management company can help you with is creating systems in place to generate revues.  How does a hotel generate positive reviews?  The better you treat your guests, the less likely they will be to post a negative review. This will also help to encourage them to post a positive review instead.  What is more important than hotel reputation management?

There are many ways that venues can focus on a hotel reputation management strategy  to aid them while they are interacting with their customers.

When choosing a reputation management company, hotel reputation management is a complicated issue. How can a hotel positively engage guests in a way that will help encourage reviews without directly asking for reviews. You will also learn how to leverage ways to get negative feedback in order to gain positive experience and thus getting more positive reviews.  Remember in an industry like hotels, not everyone will ever be happy. Hotel reputation management helps you capture your audience, engage them in a dialogue, and find ways to encourage reviews.  Remember that asking for reviews directly is against most review sites regulations, so this can be a tricky balance, but when using a reputation management company we can help grow out this aspect of your business.

According to customer alliance, over 90% of customers consider reviews as important when deciding which hotel to book and over 50% will not book at a property that doesn’t have online reviews.
Hotel Reputation Management
Hotel Reputation Management

By working to address hotel reputation management concerns, hotels can present themselves better from the get-go and are able to eliminate many of the negative reviews that would have otherwise been posted online. The best way to fight a bad review is to engage your sore audience understanding their feedback and helping to leverage their enthusiasm.

It is extremely easy for guests to post reviews online these days and people who are traveling take note of them. There are also more negative reviews online than there are positive reviews. In fact, there are statistics that show that there are three times more negative reviews than there are positive ones. These negative reviews help to change the outlook of a hotel to something that doesn’t accurately reflect the true nature of the hotel.

Travelers are then given the impression that a hotel cannot adequately care for their guests. However, in reality, guests are usually fairly happy with their treatment and accommodations, and they do not necessarily post reviews online when they have a good experience.

According to ‘Specifically among U.S. travelers, 95% say they are influenced by online reviews.One-fourth to one-third of all consumers look at online hotel reviews and place a significant weight upon the reputation that such feedback helps to create.’

This is one of the main reasons that it is highly important for hotels to both treat their guests with care and to encourage guests to post reviews online if they had a good experience with them. If you do find that you have an issue with a guest, you need to have the tools in place to handle it correctly. Most of the time, issues that guests experience at a hotel are easy to fix, but the hotel itself does not have the tools needed to correct the issue.

With the help of a reputation management company, you will be able to learn how to deal with hotel reputation management concerns quickly

You also will be able to learn how to repair a reputation if a bad review does appear on websites. Even after someone has posted a review, it is easy to resolve the situation and turn a bad situation into something positive.

Since travelers rely so much on reviews that are posted on places like trip advisor and other hotel websites, it is extremely important that hotels manage the way that they respond to these reviews in a positive manner. If you choose a reputation management company, you will be able to learn the tricks that you need to manage both reviews and issues that you may have come up with guests. By avoiding negative reviews to begin with, you will be helping set a positive view of your hotel and will be able to encourage guests to stay with you over your competition.

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