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Control the Conversation

If you’re feeling helpless about your image online, you’re not alone. Countless individuals and companies have suffered extreme damage in the seemingly uncontrollable online world of the Internet.

So how do you protect yourself? You control the conversation. You strategically and aggressively remove negative elements and replace them with positives.

Online Crisis Management and Reputation Marketing

Online Reputation Management (ORM) focuses on ensuring that the positive image of an individual or corporation is in line with the predetermined goals of their campaign. Suppressing negative information isn’t the only factor in building a positive online presence. Brand consistency, content creation, and community engagement are all essential components of a healthy online reputation.

At Repair Bad Reputation, our consultants approach each company or individual’s reputation management strategy based on their unique needs. After evaluating a client’s current online presence, a reputation consultant uses the results to create a customized management plan. The goal of online reputation management is to maintain a client’s positive image across all media networks.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a process in which we actively monitor your brand on websites and social media platforms to protect your reputation (or your company’s) from false or harmful comments.

If damage is done, we repair it.

If someone on the Internet is talking about you or your business, we’ll know about it. If their comments negatively impact your character, reputation, name or standing, we’ll take steps to remove those comments from public view.

Protecting and managing your online reputation is one of the best investments you or your company can make.

Strategies That Work

Online Audit

Our first step is to analyze your current online image. Is there negative information and where is it coming from? How damaging is it? Does it rank in the first few pages of the search engines (making it a serious threat) or only on obscure pages (making it a less serious threat)?

Monitoring of Brand Mentions

We monitor what is said about you and who is saying it. We get real-time updates on social media chatter whether it’s in a positive or negative tone, tracking how many mentions your brand gets on different social media platforms. This data is crucial to developing and managing your business’ online reputation.

ORM Prioritization

ORM prioritization is the process in which we help you set up your ORM goals, define its boundaries and prioritize tasks. We examine your long-term goals, your desired results, your most advantageous public image and more.

Crisis Management

Should a crisis arise, having a balanced and well-thought-out crisis response program is imperative. Damage control narratives are critical. The end goal is that you come out of the crisis with zero or minimal damage. A strong plan and fast response help us achieve that.


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Why Choose Us?

Most importantly, you can trust us. We deliver on our promises. That’s why our clients remain with us year after year.

We also know our trade exceptionally well. Back in 2007 when we opened our doors, it wasn’t so obvious how important online reputations actually are. But our extensive research plus day-to-day experiences quickly showed just how important they are.

We set out to hire what we considered the premiere ORM team in the nation. We handpicked and painstakingly trained an elite team that was soon helping clients all over the world achieve positive results through superior online reputation management and reputation repair services.

Our highly experienced team believes the success of your campaign is our reputation. We take pride in your results. We work hand-in-hand with you to help develop customized strategies.

We waste no time in getting started. In most cases, we can move forward with a project in only a couple of days. But of course, it matters what you need and your budget.

There are no shortcuts to online reputation. We don’t look for an easy solution to your needs because they do not work. It requires organic results that will deliver positive, long-term results.

Results Are Everything

As a premier reputation management company, our job is to make sure that you or your company have a sterling online presence on the Internet. Our goal is to control the online conversation and make sure that the first page of your search results reflects your desired image.

We help define how you want to be understood online. Brand identity is everything. Let us help create the way you are seen online.

We are committed to managing your online reputation without unnecessary hassles. That means you no longer need to worry about checking your social media sites or surfing the web to get daily updates. We do it for you.

We suppress negative information and replace it with positives. Imagine what that means when you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative attacks, grumbling employees or former staff, complaints from people outside your company, etc. We take that out of the public arena and if we cannot delete it entirely, make it so obscure that few people will find it.

We build your reputation proactively, so the negatives do not outweigh the positives. That’s the key to a positive, healthy and expanding online reputation. We form a close partnership with your growing brand. We help form it. We help grow it. We’re your partner in building a strong and lasting online presence that will serve you well for many years to come.

Building Your Online Reputation Management Strategy

The key to protecting your online reputation is the development of a solid, well-conceived online reputation management strategy.

Your first step is to evaluate your online image or reputation. What attacks are out there, who is making them, and how can you combat them?

To begin, do a few basic online searches. Use keywords related to your brand or business and see the search results. Once done, ask yourself:

  • Do you see negative reviews or publicity about your business or image?
  • How extensive is the damage? How does it change your search engine rankings?
  • Do the negative links show up in the top page two or page three results?
  • Is the content accurate? Can the claims be refuted?
  • Is there any positive content or feedback in the results as well?
  • Which social media platforms are the comments or articles coming from? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram?
  • What kind of social media presence do you (or the company) have?

By asking these specific follow-up questions, we can start building an appropriate online reputation management strategy.

Let’s Get Started

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