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Reputation repair is the act of suppressing harmful content in online search results. With a reputation repair strategy in place, any internet search regarding you or your company will yield only positive information on the first two pages. Research shows that websites on the first page or results receive almost 95% of traffic. Successful reputation repair contains negative assets and keeps them off the first two pages for years to come.

Why is reputation repair important?

For both companies and individuals, a positive online reputation fosters awareness, credibility, and trust. Businesses that develop a strong reputation experience an increase in sales and revenue.

The harm of negative reputation affects a wide range of individuals and services. A bad reputation can lead to a loss of relationships, lack of opportunities, and business failure.

Are you misunderstood in the public eye? Are there damaging statements online that are false and misleading? Finding outdated pictures and comments, angry ex-employees set on revenge, or reviews that are not consistent with how you do business? You may want to contact our team of specialists.

Reputation Repair - Why Should it Matter to You?

Are you having problems with multiple slanderous posts all over the Internet? Is your business being attacked by content claiming false or malicious incidents? If your answer is YES, then it’s time for you to stop fidgeting and do something about the problem.

In today’s increasingly litigious world, businesses and famous personalities wear huge targets on their backs because of ruthless competitors or individuals who have a bone to pick with them.

These people might include anyone. For example, they might be a disgruntled former employee. Or it could be that lazy personal assistant you fired for incompetence, or the manager of a rival company your business bought, or perhaps a jealous co-worker.

The list goes on and on.

You might not know it, but if you have a successful business or career, you’re vulnerable. Chances are, someone is already spreading malicious content aimed at tarnishing your hard-earned reputation.

Before you know it, people will no longer want to do business with you because your name is connected to lies and slander all over the Internet.

Fixing It Is No Easy Task.

When your online reputation is tarnished or destroyed, it could take a lot of work to get your reputation back to the way it was before.

Sure, you can try it on your own. But you’ll quickly discover how difficult it is to repair damage on a medium as huge as the Internet. Negative content in Google and other search engines tends to linger forever.

Unless you take immediate, aggressive action, it will continue to pop up again and again.

With 72% of adults in the US using social media every day, you can imagine how many Internet users are exposed to negative news and content—including anything negative about you.

That’s why, when you find your reputation under attack, it’s imperative you seek reputation repair immediately.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Internet.

Because it’s so pervasive, with so much influence and credibility, the Internet can destroy reputations very quickly. Don’t be one of the countless thousands of businesses and individuals whose reputations have gone down in flames due to false or misleading information online.

If any of the following apply to you, you might want to consider investing in reputation management and repair.

  • You have a large business that is entirely reliant on your brand’s reputation.
  • You are a celebrity, a high ranking official or a company executive who clearly benefits from a well-established reputation.
  • You are climbing the ladder to success and need to protect or repair your reputation in order to attract new opportunities.

If any of these describe you, we need to talk.

The team at Repair Bad Reputation is fiercely competitive, tenacious, smart, and demanding. They employ individuals with diverse skill sets building a loyal team of employees who are trained in all aspects of reputation repair, reputation management and reputation marketing.EMAIL US TODAY.

The Dangers Are Everywhere.

In the online world, you never know where reputation attacks might originate. They could come from any direction:

  • A competitor in business.
  • An ex-partner who wants to get back at you for leaving and building your own brand or business.
  • An online troll whose feelings you may have hurt (intentionally or unintentionally).
  • A person who knows your deepest, darkest secrets and wants to manipulate you to do his/her bidding.
  • News media trying to get traffic (clicks)
  • A mistake, while not representative of who you are, that reflects negatively on your brand
  • Gossip sites of all types.Regardless of the source, you need protection. That’s where we come in.

Reputation Repair That Really Works

We’re often asked if there’s a way to repair an online reputation that is already tarnished. Absolutely! It’s not always a simple process, but we have many proven weapons in our arsenal.

Online Reputation Monitoring – Online reputation monitoring means controlling what people think about you and your brand. It includes monitoring online conversations about you, your company, your interactions with customers and more. Should incorrect or damaging information be found about you or your company, you’ll know about it immediately.

Profile Optimization – We create several professionally edited personal and/or business profiles for you, and launch them on custom-built mini-sites. Google then picks up these profiles because of the high authority links coming from them. This tends to push down negative content in Google’s search rankings—off page one or two–so that your publics likely never see them.

Content Marketing – Creating distinctly positive content is another of our most effective reputation repair strategies. Each content piece is created to attract natural traffic from Google’s search engine, giving the positive content more weight. Like profile optimization, this tends to push negative content off the front pages.

Social Media Monitoring – By monitoring your social media platforms, we track social conversations that might affect you, and immediately alert you of urgent reputational issues that need to be addressed.

Keyword and Content Research – Using our state-of-the-art SEO and research tools, we pinpoint the keywords and content required to maximize your online reputation strategies.

In other words, we don’t just prevent or neutralize negative content; we ensure that positive content gets noticed and ranked by the search engines. When people search for you or your company, we help you control the information that gets displayed.

How Fast Does Reputation Repair Work?

It usually depends on how much damage has already occurred.

If there’s negative content on page one or two of the search engines, it takes time to push it down and eventually out of sight. Sometimes it takes weeks or months. Sometimes it takes even longer.

The point is, you will need to be patient while we make these strategies work for you. The sooner we find the damaging content, the faster we can make it go away.

Meantime, a great first step is sitting down with us to discuss your needs. Out of that conversation, we can determine how to prepare, which tools and strategies are required, and the intensity of the campaign we’ll create.

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