10 signs to invest in Reputation Management

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10 signs to invest in Reputation Management

10 signs to invest in Reputation Management

10 signs to invest in Reputation Management
10 signs to invest in Reputation Management
We should start be saying this, if you have decided to look at this article, you know you have to invest in reputation management.

Reputation management is not reputation repair when you have negative information that has been said about you. It is not reputation defense when you are protecting yourself from potential negative attacks.

10 signs to invest in Reputation Management: Reputation management involves monitoring your brand and growing out your reputation.

As they say the best offense is a good defense, well reputation management might be best for you. Here we have 10 signs to invest in Reputation Management.

At some point in time, every business on the planet is going to need some form or reputation management. The trick is to learning when to invest in reputation management when that moment comes and what to do about it. However, there are actually many signs that you can watch for that will let you know that reputation management is necessary.  There is never a bad time to invest, always remember that reputation management is an investment and not just needed in times of distress.

10 signs to invest in Reputation Management:

1.     Negative Reviews

One of the first signs that you will probably notice that you need to invest in reputation management is the appearance of negative reviews. If a customer has a negative experience with a company, they are likely to post these negative reviews on a variety of websites.

“73% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a business more.”

2.     Bad Publicity

There is no suck thing as bad publicity?  Clearly not in the day of the internet when reputations can be made or broken at any time. Reputation Management is an important when statements are made that can cause bad publicity for a company or a person. These items will encourage people to shop elsewhere and can be very damaging to a company. For example, if your company has been the target of a security breach, you will probably need to perform some reputation management damage control because of it.

3.     Decrease in Traffic

Hey, seems obvious, invest in reputation management when your business is not doing as well.  The whole basis behind any business is that you are looking to have customers enter in your doors. However, when you see a decrease in the number of customers that you typically see, you may want to look for a reason behind these numbers. Sometimes, there something has developed behind the scenes that may cause you to require reputation management assistance.

4.     Disgruntled Employee

Unfortunately, not all of our employees are going to work out.  There can be nothing worse than an old employee plasters the internet with various remarks, sometimes disguising themselves as other people.  May be smart to consider that investment in reputation management, because the employee may create havoc on a business. For this reason, it is important to handle everything with class and to attempt to end an employee/employer relationship amicably. When you fail at this, you may see that the employee spreads negative information about your business, either through word of mouth or through the internet.

5.     When you don’t like what the search engines pull up its time to invest in reputation management.

We should all be regularly monitoring our reputation through general search engine results. Take some time regularly to search your name through online search engines. This can be very telling of the overall view of your company. If you find things that are not positive through these searches, you will probably need to implement a reputation management strategy.

“85% of consumers conduct online research before making a decision”

6.     Word of Mouth Rumors / Innuendo / Speculation

When to invest in reputation management?  Oftentimes, you may get wind of something that is being passed around about your business. Whether you find out about the rumor online or through customers or employees, you will need to address the issue at hand. You will find that untrue and negative information can travel very quickly and you will need to have a strong reputation management plan to make sure that you are able to stop the rumors.

7.     Legal Implications

Sometimes, guilt or innocence does not matter when dealing with the court of public opinion. In criminal matters although you were found innocent of the charges sometimes there is a lot more work to be done. Sometimes, when you are in the middle of a case getting poor press it is smart to invest in the court of public opinion.  In civil lawsuits, you can win the case or settle out of court, but who ever was following yu could go to any length to smear your name.  Sometimes, a good smear campaign is worse then all the money in the world. Time to make that investment in reputation management.

8.     Drop in Sales

When your sales drop, this is a clear indication that something is going on with your customer satisfaction or acquisition, maybe it is time to invest in a reputation management campaign. This can quickly devastate a business, so it is important that you act quickly in this situation. Make sure that you are tracking your reputation online so that you can stop anything that will begin affecting your sales.

10 signs to invest in Reputation Management
10 signs to invest in Reputation Management

9.     When competitors are succeeding

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing your competitors succeeding while you are suffering. This probably means that they are doing something that they aren’t and that reputation management is necessary to improve your image. When you see success in other businesses in your industry but not in yours, you should begin looking into the reason.

10.     If you Own a Business

In reality, any business (or individual for that matter) can benefit knowing when to invest in reputation management and having a system in place to respond to any criticism. It is always easier to prevent your reputation from being damaged than it is for you to repair your reputation. So, make sure that you are keeping track of your reputation and make changes as needed.  At Repair Bad Reputation often time we tell employees to invest in building a strong reputation is if anything negative comes up you are prepared and so others will naturally be more drawn to you.

11. Why are you looking at this article?

Maybe as oppose to 10 signs to invest in Reputation Management you should add an eleventh: Lets face it, if you are reading this article and you have gotten this far.  You may want to invest in reputation management. Why else are you looking at this last paragraph?

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