5 Ways To Define And Build Your Online Reputation…Before Someone Else Does

Define And Build Your Online Reputation

5 Ways To Define And Build Your Online Reputation… Before Someone Else Does

5 Ways To Define And Build Your Online Reputation…Before Someone Else Does

Online resources offer a powerful resource for business owners to define and shape their digital brands. However, many fledgling brands overlook the importance of building an online reputation right from the beginning. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs and public personas wait to start building their digital identities; they get so caught up running their brand, whatever it may be, that they forget how critical it is to actually pay attention to what people are saying about them…until it’s too late. When they finally begin the process of developing their digital identity, they realize that others have already started the process for them with posted reviews and comments.


Where And How To Start Building Your Online Reputation


If you’re ready to launch a new brand, be poised to achieve your online reputation goals before you do or post anything else online. When strategizing how to develop your brand, consider these important tips:


First Things First: Your Vision

Building your online reputation starts with your brand vision. Who do you want to be? And, more importantly – how do you want to be perceived? You name, logo and any content you post should all reinforce the image you want to convey to your online community.


Know Your Audience

What do you know about your targeted demographic? Don’t settle for surface details; dig deep into who they are, what interests them, where do they spend most of their online reading time, and, of course, what problems can your brand solve for them? Gaining a thorough understanding of your audience will help you create meaningful online copy that engages your readers and establishes your online reputation as in-touch and connected with followers.


Find Your Voice

Once you know your specific focus group, it’s imperative to develop a written “voice” that essentially speaks their language. Ask yourself how your brand can best resonate with readers. How do they talk amongst themselves…and more specifically, how are they talking amongst themselves about your competition? Does your voice have to be polished and professional in order to make an impact? Enthusiastic and energetic? Witty and sarcastic? Knowing the right tone to strike can help you quickly develop a positive digital presence. Bonus Hint: No matter what tone you decide to strike, always make sure your published copy is both authentic and honest.


Create Your Digital Mix

Every brand’s online marketing mix is different. You’ve already done all your research determining where your audience spends some of their time – use this knowledge to your advantage. Build a list of pages and platforms you need to use to ensure your brand stays firmly planted on your readers’ radar to consistently build your reputation as well as consumer loyalty. You will want to diversify your portfolio to include a new website, social media pages, blogs, press releases, and review sites.


Speaking Of Review Sites…

Online reviews can play the biggest role in defining your brand’s reputation, making it critical to have a plan for capturing positive before your brand launch. The secret to review success? Make leaving a review as straightforward and painless as possible for your followers. Have functionality set up on your pages to automate the process with people visiting your pages. Having a strategy to gather feedback before launching your digital presence enables you to both proactively solicit positive feedback and as well as stay focused on your online buzz real-time so you can carefully build and manage your online reputation from the start.


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