Is Google plus the future of reputation management

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Is Google plus the future of reputation management

Is Google plus the future of reputation management

Since Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University. in 1998, the internet has never been the same. Google is now in the dictionary as a noun and a verb. Known for being arguably the most popular search engine, as well as a popular email provider. They have taken over the world with their advancements in technology. The only question is what is the next step in their local marketing plan and is Google Plus the future of reputation management?

Launched three and a half years earlier, google plus was supposed to be googles facebook, remember google circles and google hang out?  Google plus has seemed to take a new route as Google SVP, Sundar Pichai states Google as a social network is very much alive. Pichai told Forbes that Google+ was always at least as much about identity as socializing.  So, what does identity mean and how does that affect reputation management?  When people go to google plus, they are in a sense searching for the individuals of the community: the habits, the internet footprint that a person leaves on the google plus page. Is Google plus the future of reputation management

Recently, the Internet giant has rolled out a new version of Google+, which allows users to merge their google plus page with their google local essentially a way in which a company can communicate to the public the identity of the corporation.

When doing an internet search for Repairbadreputation on Google, the competing ads on the right hand side go away.

What you’re left with is our five star rating, reviews and recent G+ content which has a massive impact in the world of reputation management. Think of it is facebook meets yelp. Now think about how Google+ is linked into Google’s search algorithm. What does that mean? It means if you have a Google+ account, using your real, legal name, or company name your Google+ posts will come up first when your name or company is Googled.  So, then ask yourself, is Google Plus the future of reputation management? When your google profile begins to optimize the ramifications for reputation management are emerging.

Is Google plus the future of reputation management? As we examine reputation management and google+ the potential reputation management tornado would allow the community to share, comment and endorse a business or person. But wait, they already do that. Now, Google+ takes it one step further and allows users to vote for websites, simply by clicking the Google+ button that appears on the site. This option allows their users to publicly approve of a website and allows them to share their approval with the ones who they are connected to online. The more votes that a webpage has, the more the site will grow in popularity, which can help them rise in search engine searches ahead of their competitors. So, if someone loves a site or a company, they can easily have their friends vote for their site through Google+ and help it to rise in the search engines. So, the question is google plus the future of reputation management is as much a part of social identity as it is a form of endorsement for both companies and individuals.

The opposite is also true, which means that if a person is looking to create a negative reputation for a company or a person, they can do so by instructing friends and family members to vote negatively for the company. This can greatly affect a person’s business because it will cause them to fall in the search engines. Is Google Plus the future of reputation management? Lets face it everything that starts with google ends with google.

As a business owner or leader, these stats are very important to your success. Just as you are affected by a negative reviews or comment, you will also be affected by negative ratings on Google+.  Is Google Plus the future of reputation management? Seems many companies are making that move frustrated by yelp and looking for a new solution. Google local ranks higher on google’s search engines, so in many ways, if your search engine ranking is a quality that determines domain authority google is already winning.  Eventually, people who are searching for your business will see this rating and will begin to question whether they should rely on your company or move on to a competitor before looking at yelp.

How can you build your google+ rating?

Is Google plus the future of reputation management
Is Google plus the future of reputation management

Ask yourself, is Google Plus the future of reputation management? The answer is getting a bit more clear. What is most important is finding ways to improve your ratings through Google+.  For example, you are allowed to use your own Google account and vote for your own site. You should avoid creating more than one Google account and voting for it multiple times because this could cause you to be penalized by Google in the long run.

You can also get your friends and family members to vote for you as well. Many of your email contacts will probably be willing to do this as well; you will simply need to ask them. It is estimated that 25% of the people that we interact with on a daily basis have a Google account, so, make sure that you are asking those closest to you for their support.

You should also publicize the fact that you are looking for Google+ ratings to your customers and even add a +1 button to your website. You can do this in much the same way you promote other items, such as online reviews. Is Google Plus the future of reputation management? Your satisfied customers will be more than happy to oblige and the best thing about it is that it is fast and easy.

Is Google Plus the future of reputation management?  As the standings in search engines indicates and its move towards social ‘identity’ it is quickly becomingapparent that google is moving towards understanding its users and being able to better understand the people and companies that use google.

Google Plus the Future of Reputation Management:

What does this mean? To answer the question, Is Google Plus the future of reputation management?

One needs to search their company name and see what position google local shows up. It may not be above yelp, but with some effort it will, no matter it has a role in reputation management.  Finding ways to leverage this move can be very difficult, but Managing you or your companies reputation online takes a lot of work.  If you have not already begun to utilize the resources of Google+, it is important that you begin to become acquainted with it now. While it is still rising in popularity, it is still an important part of the field of reputation management. Therefore,  it is important that you establish yourself early on in the process and actualize Google Plus the future of reputation management.

Consumers are beginning to rely on Google+ ratings more and more these days and you need to have a great number of ratings built up in order to compete with other companies in your area. The question is Google Plus the future of reputation management has become less important as the giant continues its dominance. The most important question, how can we leverage the power of google plus and google local to build reputation.

Remember now, that the better the ratings on Google+, the more likely it will become that you will be able to attract more customers than your competitors. Google+ is a powerful tool for managing or repairing your online reputation- use it and do so before everyone else catches on! 
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