Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.

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Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.

Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.

Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.
Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.
How you can take positive quotes, turn them into images, reach new markets, and if desired repair a reputation?

Why did I decide to write an article on reputation management quotes?

As we prepare for the launch of our new site, getting weekly blogs scheduled seem overwhelming. Our new website will feature content from these blogs hoping to rank for long tail keywords.  Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair. Despite the fact we are the best at what we do, we are being out spent by hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies with financing. We need to stand out from the rest, so our strategy is based upon a term ‘content marketing’. These blogs serve to educate our audience, reach new people, and become more influential in the market of reputation repair.

When you guys come back, enjoy our content, and realize how unique our site the sites traffic increases and more people stay on our site for longer periods of time.  The average time spent on our site is four and a half minutes, more people will spend time at at least two different articles. With the new design, our content strategy is one of those things keeping me up late at night causing some anxiety. What is the information that is not readily available, how do we create good articles, who writes them, and what do we write about of interest.

The hardest thing, determining the subjects of these blogs. We analyze questions people ask the search engines, we look at several different factors as we evaluate the topics we are going to cover.  Now, imagine doing this in advance for twenty weeks.  Point being, I was searching around for some reputation quotes for inspiration. I started with the term “reputation management”.  Loads of big sites in the market showed up, well known, loads of traffic and tons of backlinks. The term ‘reputation quotes takes you to a site with around 200,000 backlinks. Then I move to the term ‘”reputation management quotes” the number one website (which I have a lot of respect for),  gets less traffic than our site.  Now, I am surprised, no big websites, some great ones, but no one is competing in this field. Seems like an interesting topic, I think, I do some research into the total number of people searching the term and it’ significantly more than expected. Look at our articles,  tools you need for reputation repair, establishing reviews on the internet, and many more. You would be surprised at the time spent researching articles, doing competitive analysis, and writing the content.  In searching the term ‘reputation management quotes,’ I am surprised at the lack of content verse the number of people in this world searching the terms plus it just seems really cool and useful.  This is part of what it takes in evaluating the best topics to write about.  The choice is made and the writing process begins. Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.

Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.
Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.

Why all the images? Why not just post the quotes?

Here is a great article discussing the importance of images on social media. According to Sky Research when looking at 78,000 pieces of content from January 1st, 2011 to May 2012 articles that contain at least one image have an average of 70% more views than did articles that did not contain an image.  According to an awesome article in the feature image is key because it will automatically be included whenever posting or sharing an article on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.

So, with this cool topic, we need images.

Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.
Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.

Anyone that knows me knows I am not artistic, can’t draw, and don’t know about creating cool graphics online.  What did I do? In order to turn myquotes into an online Picasso, Canva is my favorite, but here is another great article about other places to build graphics. To design images is a much more simple way, where you and I have the power to do some really cool things, with awesome images, exciting fonts, and cool graphics.


Hours are spent determining which are the best quotes, (hoping to also get quotes from people that are part of our online community), ideas about how to design the quote, and most important how do we market these cool images to reach new people and build our brand. Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.

Just because your subject matter is cool, does not mean that you will get any traffic, but images online do open up the door to some interesting new markets. First thing is online search engine optimization, which is a process of determining the layout of the content. You see those bold words?  Do you see how our content is set up? How our key focus word ‘reputation management quotes’ is used in the URL, title, and numerous times in the website. It may be annoying to you, but it’s really important when trying to rank the site higher for the search engines. It tells google, yahoo, and bing that we are an important site to ‘index’.  There is a lot that goes into it and an employee that spends time doing this work.

The next thing are backlinks, social media is important, all the blogging sites we use, and relationships we have built with other writers to help get more people to come to our really cool articles.  The search engines understandingly believe the more websites linking to your site, the more valuable the content is. Many of you guys that are reading this (around 40%) visit from backlinks. Why does wikipedia rank higher than Wikipedia is a user generated web site, where moderators (who may not have any training) manage the flow of information (we are doing an article on this), is monitored by federal law.  Wikipedia is seen as a non biased resource because they come up number one on search engine results, so it must be true.  Facebook and twitter have the most backlinks, and wikipedia and google follow.  Backlinks are serious.

I love tangents, back to these images.  When I first read about the value that search engine placed on images I was rather surprised. Search engines not only crawl the text on your webpage, but they also search for keywords within your image file names.  What does that mean? Instead of posting that picture the way your cell phone does like Rx312.jpeg, edit it up, and use your key words to tag the images.  When you go on facebook and you tag family and friends, you are telling the search engines Hersh was there.  A lot of our clients come to us wanting to know about removing there names from pictures that do not represent who they are. That is why we have an article on how to get your pictures off the internet.  Lots of companies charge a lot of money for this work, they don’t teach you how to do it on your own, and you are dependent on them the next time that pictures is taken.  For me, I think if I was ten years younger with all those crazy pictures I took, I would be in serious pain right now. So, given that the technique used is not that hard, I think it is our responsibility to educate you on how it is done. Makes you guys happier, makes us feel better about what we do, creates an interaction with our readers, and maybe it might get us some bit clients who appreciate what we do. On an article like that we get hundreds of emails and we got a couple of pretty big revenue generating deals. Reputation management quotes and a secret to reputation repair.

You have an interesting topic, you have created new graphics, you have optimized the images, now what? 

Interesting pictures equals opportunities to share them and build an audience but how and where? Here is what we do.  Pinterest is king and Instigram runs the world. I imagine around a third of the people reading this site will come from the community or the pinterer.  47.1 million people will use it this year and 42% of US females have accounts.  Our following on our Pinterest profile.

If Pinterest is the king Instagram owns the world. Here is a great site, that we are not on, so check out this article that argues why should you be on Instagram!  I wish I set our site up a long time ago, but an estimated 300 million instigrammers now have active accounts. The company was purchased for a billion dollars from facebook.

Enough of Pinterest and Instagram! Where else?

If you are looking to promote those pictures here are some great sites: Flickr, Twitpic, Imgur, Photobucket, and Panoramio!  How did I get all this information? Don’t ask.  No seriously, these sites are all the social networking of images.  I knew these sites were called image sharing so, ‘what is best place to image share?   Where do I get a list of sites to share my images.  Ahhhh, I feel great! That is one great site for more information. There you have it, list of all file sharing sites.

What does any of this have to do with reputation repair? One hint only – HOW CAN I GET THOSE PICTURES OFF THE INTERNET PART TWO. 

I am going to give you some secret information, since it is a secret I want you to be careful who you tell, but if you find this interesting and you want to help a friend, see that social sharing button, click it and TELL EVERYONE!

If I could sum it up, if you have problems with your name on the internet, think about what I wrote, get some pictures, tag them with your information and share them with the word!

Finally, give me some Reputation QUOTES and please stop!

We picked reputation quotes, we built the designs, and we explained how all of this can help build your brand and repair your image. If you have your own personal quotes (from you or other friends), send us an email as we would love to get reputation quotes about brand, image, or reputation, we would love to add your personal family quotes. You will see that many of these quotes do not come from the most famous writers.

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